November 15th: My official end of Summer

This past weekend marked the official end of Summer for me. A little late, you say? The end of summer for me is marked by being able to put two cars in the garage again. Because of bikes, lawn equipment, and just junk, during most of the summer the cars park outside the garage. But two weeks ago, we got the garage all cleaned up, and then a repair to one of the garage doors was required to get both vehicles in, and that happened Saturday.

About time! It has only snowed once, and had several mornings of windows that required scraping.

In more fun news, Google did another drive through of Columbus this Summer. That means you can see our house without road construction. Oddly enough, both of our vehicles are not in our driveway, which is a rare moment for our house. I am still trying to pin-point the day the Google Car drove through. Let me know if you have any clues, OK?

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