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  • Time to move the files

    Posted on February 25th, 2014 troy 2 comments

    I have a problem. I have no room left on the hard drive of the main computer in the house. Maybe my problem is that I have too many pictures. But that i s not a problem that is going away, so I have come up with another solution.

    To go into more detail, all the pictures are archived on the iMac. And iPhoto has worked great. And I have an external hard drive I use time machine on, and that has worked great too. But I need 2 things more. 1) another place to store the photos, and 2) a way for the photos to be accessed on other computers throughout the house.

    After playing around with various cloud storage options, I have come across my favorite solution. I have built a Network Attache Storage (NAS). OK, I bought the parts, and received them as parts of Christmas presents. but it was just this past weekend when I finally got it set up, and it is great. I will detail it a bit more soon.


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