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  • My rockets never go anywhere

    Posted on December 3rd, 2010 troy 2 comments

    I posted a new Elon quote in the upper part of this page. Check it out. It is him talking about his rockets, again. Maybe some day I will brag about my rockets!

    Anyway, today SpaceX is static firing their 9 engines on the pad, before the first Dragon flight on 12/7. What an exciting time to be alive in the development of space exploration.

    See some more Elon quotes, including one about slaughtering sacred cows, at this Aviation Week link.


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    • Were you able to watch the webcast? It was choppy for me. You’d think they could get that right after all these years!

    • I started watching, with good video, but then a meeting came up, so I didn’t actually see the static fire. The replay on youtube looked like the streaming was not very good. Also, the test was not a total success, something with engine 6, so they are running it again tomorrow (Saturday). Unfortunately, I have not heard exactly when the next attempt is besides reading about 24 hours.

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