Florida Trip – Day 4

Sunday, March 5:
2999Pictures from “Sunday” for your viewing enjoyment.
Just think, “Warm Weather, Warm Weather.”

  • So, we took a few pictures so you could see the view from our room. A private lake could be used for canoeing, fishing, and various other activities.
  • Off to Disney, Epcot first. We made it to Epcot before the park opened, and were able to be part of the countdown as everyone rushed into the park. We went to the right, and was in the first group of the day to ride Soarin’. It was neat to be part of such a big group all headed towards the same thing.
  • After Soarin’ we crossed to the other side of the park, and jumped on Disney’s most exhilarating ride, Mission: Space. I convinced Mel to go on, we ignored all the warnings (more than any other ride I had ever seen), took our seats (puke bags attached to the handlebars), and launched to Mars. Melody was the Pilot, I was the Commander (I think). Two other people in our spaceship had other rolls, and none of us lost our cookies. When the ride finished, we were a bit queasy, but we had survived.
  • Jumped on the Shuttle Bus, and went to Animal Kingdom, where we could see the mountain of Expedition Everest, our goal to conquer. This ride is the newest at Disney, was not on the “park maps”, and officially does not open until April 2006. It was great! Lots of fun, great theming, and where else can your ride a roller coaster that takes you forward and backward during the same trip?!?
  • After lunch and adult beverages at the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom, we made our way to our final destination, MGM Studios. Here, it was ESPN The Weekend, which was nothing more exciting to us than more people crowding up the park. I know Brian Urlacher and Jerry Rice (among others) were there, I heard their names announced, but I tried to steer clear of the sporting activities. You will just have to go yourself the next time they have one. We rode the “now completely random” Tower of Terror (I am not a fan of being dropped, and I bruised my knee on the ride), and The Aerosmith themed Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (awesome!), among hitting other slower paced rides and activities.
  • Back to the resort once again, and chilled out for the evening.


  1. Troy – you are such a sissy!! Tower of Terror was GREAT!!!!! Mission Space was so much worse. Nothing like being harnessed inside of something with only 6 inches of space in front of your face in darkenss and being sent to the moon. Or Mars. Or whereever! Young children SHOULD NOT, I repeat SHOULD NOT, go on this ride! And let me remind you that the only reason I went on with you was because you were too chicken to go by yourself. xo

  2. I am not a sissy. I just like the going up part better, not going down. Anyway, Someone asked me about Everest, and I found the mountain is about 200 feet tall (the real mountain is 29,035 feet, means about 145th scale), but the coaster is 112 feet. Check out RCDB.com (Roller Coaster DataBase) for some good info, and great construction pictures.

  3. now now…let’s keep the arguments at home 🙂 What warning signs did you ignore? “Do not ride if you are expecting?”

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