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  • In the Air Force Now.

    Posted on January 21st, 2010 troy 1 comment

    Today, my brother-in-law Chris is at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) for enlistment in the Air Force. I know he isn’t reading this, and I don’t think he often checks this website, but good luck Chris! The Tadych’s are proud of you!

    Anyway, to find out a little of what he might be going through today, I found a piece about one person’s trip to MEPS. Check it out here.

    According to the article, Chris will actually be taking his oath today assuming he passes all the exams that are administered (mostly physical, but maybe some mental type as well). From what I understand from other sources, it will then be a minimum of three months (depending on job availability) before he reports to Basic Training in Texas. With that timeline, it could be as early as late June when he graduates. Our family is hoping to make the trip to graduation. I have read it is a unique experience, and besides, I have never been to Texas.

    OK, I am going back to work now.


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    • Chris made it through his round of physicals, and other random tests, and completed the day by taking his Oath. That means he is in and committed.

      It will be a minimum of three months before he is assigned to basic training. I guess that is because enlistment numbers are so high now.

      Congratulations Chris!

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