Florida Trip – Day 2

Friday, March 3:
2999Hey, we got pictures today. Check out a few from Kennedy Space Center.

  • Up and at ’em, Rise and Shine! We have a 9:40 tour at Kennedy Space Center, and I want to be there in plenty of time! The park opens at 9:00 AM, so let’s get going.
  • We got to KSC before 9, and were able to enjoy the playing of the National Anthem before the park opens. Neat, you know, the whole American Citizen, birth of Space travel, thing going on!
  • We enjoyed our tour, but I had to point out to Melody some errors in the “tour book.” They had a page about NASA’s new Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) that will replace the shuttle. It mentioned the use of second stage Shuttle engines and Methane fuel for leaving the Moon/Mars. Well, me being the space buff I am, know that they already have changed their minds on these two things… Needless to say, the tour was super cool, but I would have loved to get more details and specifics.
  • The day was good, and we used all day at the Visitor complex, and the Astronaut Hall of Fame, and didn’t even do and see everything. I recomend both, just don’t expect to need too much time at the Hall of Fame.
  • We randomly drove up to Titusville to look for dinner, and found this placed called Paul’s Smokehouse right on the Indian River Lagoon, directly across from the Kennedy Space Center. Great prices, Casual allowed, Awesome view, and superb food. Melody and I recomend it.
  • Headed back to the resort, Saturday still up in the air.

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