Where is your coat?

I wore my coat to work today. It is about the first time I have worn it since around April. I don’t plan to wear it tomorrow.

However, I wonder what my coat will look like in years to come. My olive colored coat is kind of a modern-trendy yet timeless design (I think), and it is my fall/winter(with an additional, non-related layer)/spring coat. But as I look at what others where, it seems the most “prestigious” people all wear trench coats.

I don’t like the trench coat (origins of “trench coat” are from World War 1 and the British Army). It is way too much material, and looks too snobby. Many of the corporate type and politicians wear trench coats. Of course, I do not like the idea of being in management or a politician, so maybe these two things tie together nicely.

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