11 months later

Well, it has been just about 11 months since I have posted any pictures. And in that time I have shot off nearly 3,000 photos which are consuming nearly 10 gigabytes of storage on my computer.

But tonight I have taken a sliver of time, and uploaded 27 photos from the last couple of months. A few pics from the bike ride, some football shots, a couple of school smiles, and a bunch of birthday celebration.

So click on ‘Gallery 3‘ above to see the new photos. Enjoy, and let me know what you think with any comments here.

Technical Junk — Gallery 3 is a beta software program, and the successor to my old photo program Gallery 2. It may change look and feel randomly, so try to keep up and deal with the changes. For now, all old photos are still in Gallery 2, but will eventually have full integration into 3.

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  1. Love the pictures but can’t easily figure out how to get back to our website form the picture album. And it is moody; it won’t just let me scroll through the pictures in the page with the white background. It jumps around with boxes around some of the pictures. I don’t know…maybe it is just the user! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t blame the user. I can’t even get into the ‘maintenance’ section of the software right now, so something went horribly wrong during the installation.

    I am working out the bugs, really.

  3. Perhaps it has become self-aware and decided to lock you out, Troy. Yup, I’d put money on that. Oh, and I can’t believe how big the boys are getting!

  4. Well, I got the ‘maintenance’ section back up, but I still can’t get too many things done. Maybe I need to dump the installation, and start from scratch. Or just give up and roll over dead.

  5. Can’t we just use the older version that worked? Must we always update to the newest thing…are you board? I can’t imagine that being the case. I can make you a “huney-do” list if you would like!!! 😉
    MARK – you must get some pictures of the kids on your site (please) …sorry I don’t do FACEBOOK.

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