Leverett inching towards his first birthday

Leverett is just one day from being a 1 year old. How very exciting.

He is eating table food, almost entirely now. Occassionally he gets a little bit of baby food, but that is pretty rare. He is crawling faster and faster, but so far has refused to take a step by himself. We weren’t practicing with him this summer in an effort to make the preschool conversion go smoother, and it worked. But now we are taking steps with him when the moment is right.

He loves McDonald’s Chicken nuggets. Yeah!

He can cruise up the stairs. Last week, we let him go by himself, and it didn’t take him very long. less than two minutes top to bottom. And he is starting to practice coming down “the right way” also. He can make it down four steps without a problem.

His size is still off the charts, and we will get the new numbers tomorrow when he has his one-year-check-up, on his actual birthday! So, we are excited to see where he will be.

For the most part, he has stopped playing with the dog food and water bowls. I think it is because he has learned that his brothers never do this. And he loves playing with his brothers. Lucky for us, Kase and Gus haven’t minded him terrorizing their play room too much. Melody and I are fortunate that way. Oh, also, Gus wants to know when he can babysit Leverett.

On a website note: Did you notice the new birthday calendar in the right column. I am not sure, but I would guess that Leverett will still show tomorrow. You can scroll up and down within the little widget, or you can click to launch a full window browser. I recommend the Google Calendar. I welcome our google overlords.

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  1. “I welcome our google overlords.”…ReeeALLY…this coming from the man that recently said he wishes he could have a computer attached to his arm!!!
    I want to LIVE my life – not have it wired into me thank you very much.

  2. I guess it’s a slashdot thing:
    “I, for one, welcome our new * overlords.” (Often facetiously used in reference to technology that is supposedly going to become universal and inevitable. This references the Simpsons episode Deep Space Homer in which reporter Kent Brockman welcomes what he believes to be “our new insect overlords” but which are in fact only ants.)

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