How do you fly?

Here is something I get to be interested in again… the airplanes we are taking down and back for our Florida trip.

On the way back, we have a direct flight, Orlando to Milwaukee, on a McDonnell Douglas (now merged with Boeing) MD-82. The MD-82 has 2 Pratt & Whitney jets in the rear, seats 152 in 2 classes (172 in one class), seating configuration of 2 + 3, cruises at 504 MPH, and had a first flight in 1981. See Boeing’s MD-80 series site for more information.

On the way down, we have an hour layover in Kansas City. But, both flights will be on a Boeing 717. The 717 is derived from the McDonnel Douglas MD-90 series, and was formerly the MD-95. It became the 717 when Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas, and had it’s first flight as a 717 in 1999. It has 2 Rolls Royce jets in the rear, seats 106 in 2 classes, a seating configuration of 2 + 3, and cruises at 512 MPH. It is scheduled to stop production this year (2006). See Boeing’s 717 site for more information.

If I get more information, I will be sure to let you know!

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