Speaking his part

Leverett is starting to get some words out. It is pretty awesome.

Last weekend, He was sitting in his High Chair after dinner, and Melody left the room. As soon as her back was turned, he screamed “Mama Mama MAMA!”  He did not want her to leave.

And Tuesday night, when I was getting him up from the floor, he said “Up” clear as day. At least, clear to me. He repeated it after dinner too.

He is working on his crawling. He can get across the room, albeit slowly, and usually only if there is a TV remote or a dog toy that he must have. With a little encouragement, you can get him to crawl to you. It will be very soon when we really have to make sure our home is child proof again. Especially for Rett, more than our other two boys. He will put anything he can find in his mouth, and I don’t think Kase and Gus were like that.

In other worlds, I might finally get some pictures out on this website again. I have been on a six month hiatus from that, but the time has come. Until then, you can see me make a fool of myself on YouTube. After all, that is what YouTube is all about. Check out my channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/teetlebomb.

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  1. Blocked at work, darn. Troy, what was the name of the hotel you stayed at in the Dells with a small indoor water park (a couple years ago)?

  2. Hi Mark —

    All of the following we have stayed at, all with small indoor waterparks. They were all nice, so I can’t really rank them in any real order. I would just get the best deal for what you like. When we went to the raintree, it’s larger indoor area was too big for our children, but that looks to be about 4 years ago also.

    RainTree Resort & Conference Center – 2006
    Grand Marquis Waterpark Hotel – 2007
    The Atlantis Waterpark Hotel & Suites – 2008
    Copa Cabana Resort Hotel & Suites – 2009

    I think 2009 might be our last year that we can get by with a “small” park. Most of our water time at the Copa Cabana was spent in the big pool, not the waterpark area.

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