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  • Apple did what?

    Posted on March 11th, 2009 troy No comments

    Last week Apple refreshed it’s entire line of Macs. There weren’t any new looks to the Mac line up, but new processors, better everything, and lower prices. The big news is that they did it without all the hype that Apple is known for.

    Now, for the past couple of days, there have been rumors that Apple is making a 10 inch touch screen. An iPod Touch on steroids, maybe to cut into the currently very lucrative Netbook arena. But the rumors pointed to maybe a 3Q delivery. So, I wait.

    And I expect no news from Apple for a couple of months, maybe when we get to an iPhone update come June.

    But, my whole Apple world was shook today by the announcement of a new iPod Shuffle. Smaller, more memory, better, and with VoiceOver (meaning it will tell me what song is currently playing since it has no screen). How great! I am drooling, again, at another Apple product.

    My problem is this: This new Apple, with seemingly random product announcements, is just crazy, and I think I am falling for Apple all over again. Maybe Apple is showing that they don’t need Steve Jobs and all his charisma. This could be a very good thing.

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