Ford Freestar

Anybody want to complain about a Ford Freestar? No? Well then you get to listen.

Our Liftgate has been frozen shut for a week now. I found out yesterday, after talking to a dealer, that this is the design.

The vehicle has a “well” where the latch mechanism is. This “well” is coated in plastic, and is designed as a last stop to keep water out of the vehicle. When water collected here this summer, it surprised me, but it seemed like a decent design. Well that is all great… until you realize you live in Wisconsin and the temperatures are below zero for two weeks… and the gate is impossible to open.
I finally managed to get the liftgate open last night using a power-packed concoction of road salt, lock de-icer, and window de-icer.
Now, I just have to complain to the right people and figure out how to prevent this.

Any thoughts or similar complaints/situations out there? I would love to hear them.

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