Still Counting

OK, so have you noticed that growing pink bar on the right side of this page? Yeah, right under the picture over there —————->

Well, it is getting more pink, but that does not mean we are having a girl. It is just the colors I picked, just to sort of play with everyone. Of course, it does not mean we are having a boy either. It will be a surprise to us, and good news for us no matter what.

What is more noticeable is that with every day, the blue bar gets shorter and shorter. And that means less time to get things done to be ready for the baby! Of course, cutting a five foot by one foot hole in the floor of the bathroom doesn’t help anything get done, but sometimes, things are just necessary. (I will talk more about the floor some other time.)

It also doesn’t pay to spend time looking at the size of the pink bar anyway. The baby will find a way to make his/her own schedule! We’ll just do what we can, and enjoy the moments.

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