Congratulations, Mr. Tadych, it’s a…

Melody had an ultrasound today, and our little baby seems to be doing good. The early report says the due date might be might move up, but we will wait for further ultrasound analysis before any of those decisions are made. It doesn’t matter much if they do, odds are the baby and Melody’s body will determine when the birth date is, no matter what the doctor says.

The ultrasound technician asked us if we wanted to know the gender. Melody and I both responded with a “No.” Since the tech asked outright, we both felt that there must have been a pretty good view of “the parts” or lack there of.

The heartbeat was 144 beats per minute and from the images I saw, all fingers and toes were accounted for, however it is impossible to tell if there are any “webbings.” If you remember, Kasimir has some “webbings” on his toes, but Augustus has none. Oh, and I think the baby has Melody’s nose.

If there is any more news after the full ultrasound report, I will let you know.

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