Tadych.us upgraded

If you couldn’t tell already, Tadych.us went under the knife tonight. While it is not fully functional yet, the “meat and potatoes” have arrived and appear to be working.

Small changes and big changes will be happening over the course of the next few weeks. So don’t be surprised if you see some radical changes coming and going as I test out new features and options.

And, in case you are looking for pictures, while it is not integrated to the new site design yet, Gallery is still up and running. Just click this link to get there, and enjoy numerous pictures from the past five years.

Please leave a comment and test that out too! Who knows what is and isn’t working yet!


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  1. OK, here’s a comment attempt from home. May I ask what version of wordpress? Looks good so far. I’ve been contemplating an upgrade as well.

  2. Hey Mark. Glad to see a comment come through from you. Of course, we will see if your next one comes through now that I activated Akismet and ReCaptcha.

    I am running the most current release of WordPress, version 2.5. The dashboard is entirely redesigned, much cleaner at first looks. We will see how much I like it in a week or so.

  3. Hey Mark. No, it went into spam again, but since I have upgraded, I have the capability to send it back and mark it as not spam. Hopeuflly, that will get reflected in the Akismet database, and you (or your IP) will soon be off the spam list.

    I wonder what the real trigger is…

  4. Hi Brenda —

    Thanx for stopping by, and double-thanx for leaving a comment.

    I see that you do the Mary Kay thing. So does my wife Melody. A useless coincidence between Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but a coincidence none the less.

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