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  • Halloweened

    Posted on October 31st, 2007 troy 3 comments

    As a reminder of the day today, I have put on some alternate colors.

    Have a great Wednesday, and an even greater Halloween!


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    • Gah! Did you dress up today? We don’t get to dress up here – not that I would.

    • I did dress up, I came as “Bill Summary.” I am just wearing my old black MGE Killerwatts volleyball shirt, number 36 on back. Then Melody bought some vinyl stick on letters, put “SUMMARY” across the back, and I am wearing a name tag that says “Hello, My name is: BILL” It is the first time I have dressed up, I will see if I can get a picture on the web.

    • I thought my computer went goofy with those wierd colors. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
      Luv ya,
      Mom 🙂

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