Study Finds Early Sun Exposure Associated with Reduced Risk of MS

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have become much more knowledgeable about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) this past four months than I thought I would ever become. I don’t know anybody who has MS, so that is why it seems even weirder to me that I have become so interested in this life crippling disease. I just wanted to go out and do a bicycle ride in 2006, mostly to prove to myself that at the age of 30, I can still do something “athletically amazing.”

Now I browse health sites and take occasional glances at the National MS site, looking for good news about MS. It is when I find this good news about new developments in treatments for this disease that I think about how much we have accomplished. I rode a bunch of miles just to prove I could. But most importantly, with your help, I raised a bunch of money. And that money helps fund studies like the one I have linked to below.

So, please, put on your sun screen (we have to prevent skin cancer too, that is an entirely different bicycle ride), and take the time to read the 7 paragraphs in this article. It relates to one of the previously posted “MS Weekly Factoids.”

Study Finds Early Sun Exposure Associated with Reduced Risk of MS

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  1. You do too know someone with MS, Jim Kroening.
    The article was very interesting and goes along with the studies of increasing amounts of Vitamin D in the northern areas, where our exposure to natural sun light is very diminished.

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