Summer Activities

Our summer is seeing us getting involved in a bunch of things in Columbus lately. Besides bicycling, house remodeling, and normal activities, here are some of the details.

  • Columbus Preschool – Melody is now an active member on the Columbus Preschool board. I believe she might be the Chair or Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee.
  • Faith Lutheran Church – Upon helping with the roof (I was on the roof, Melody worked hard in the kitchen), we have more recognition at church, and the more people know you, the more they want you to do stuff. I will start working on the church website pretty soon to revamp it, and I am sure somebody is looking forward to using Melody’s talents. Last weekend, the pastor introduced melody to his mother by saying she is on the Columbus Preschool board. News is traveling fast.
  • Kase is keeping busy too. He is in his Level 1 swim lessons this week and next. He is loving it, and is very proud that he can go under the water now. He starts T-ball next week, and he will be on the Diamondbacks. I don’t know if we have told him about the T-ball, but we have been practicing almost every night.
  • Gus is keeping busy following around his big brother. He is usually the driver for the Grave Digger monster truck. This week, they have been working hard using the truck to move dirt and stones around at the end of our driveway. Of course, they can’t move dirt during the day, because that is when the big trucks are out there.
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