Now Boarding

We made it to North Carolina!

Quickly, we flew out of Madison OK, Gus and Kase were great! In Detroit, our plane was “broke” (direct quote from the pilot), so we had to wait an extra hour to get a new one. 11:20 we finally took off, and Gus actually fell asleep before we even left the ground. He slept until we started our descent for Raleigh. Kase was great, going to the bathroom on both flights!

3597 Our rental vehicle had 26 miles on it when we picked it up. That is even less than my new Elantra had. We made it to Amy and Stan’s safely (and snugly), and did some fishing. Kasimir caught his first ever fish, and the largest of the day (maybe for the year at this pond)! He was super excited, and Gus was pretty stoked too!

So, off to Myrtle Beach today (Sunday). I will see if I can post more pictures throughout the week.

80’s today. Ahh, it is nice.

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