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  • De-Construction will begin March 3.

    Posted on January 26th, 2007 troy No comments

    Mark your calendar for March 3, 2007.

    Our ongoing house remodel project is moving to “Phase 2 – The First Floor.” Just like when we did the second floor, all the Plaster and Lath is coming down and we need your help to complete the task!

    It is a dirty job, but it is fun too! Bring your hammer, your crowbar, your gloves and your dust mask (the kind with replaceable cartridges if you have one). We will have extra gloves and “cheap” masks available.

    3436 If you want to see what we want to do with the space, click on the image to the left. It is the floor plan that we are hoping to be able to accomplish. Unlike the second floor, we are not moving too many walls or adding too many features (like bathrooms where none existed before or rebuilding staircases). But, for this first deconstruction phase, it is probably going to be more work than the second floor.


    1674 If you want to see what it was like the first time, click on this image.



    Thanks in advance for your help, and we look forward to seeing you on March 3.

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