In 1997, my car was “born.” I drive a Pontiac Grand Am, model year 1997. I found out last night that the Grand Am is no longer being made. I haven’t done the research to find out when that happened, but I think it was sometime around when the Pontiac G6 came out. You know, that is the car that Oprah gave away to all those teachers a couple of years ago.

But, thinking about my family, and my extended family, and just about everybody I know, I drive the oldest car out there. Tojo (my happily married brother) has a 1998 Plymouth feBreeze, and that is about the closest I can think of.

The Grand Am seems to run fine. And my suspicions are that if I would have kept my 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 (nothing like driving a Cavalier, Josh and I know those cars were great!), I would have had to get rid of it by now because of mechanical problems.

Just think, in a couple of months I can be one of the few that can celebrate the ten year birthday of my vehicle. And you can still be making car payments.

Don’t worry, I will invite you over for cake and ice cream.

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  1. My Cavalier has almost 176,000 miles on it. It’s a ’96. I love my baby. It’s been everywhere with me, including that Alaska trip a couple of years ago… ah, I hate to think of the day when it goes to car heaven.

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