Stop the Music!

Something has to change, becuase I don’t know how much more I can take.

Everywhere I go, there is somebody, even multiple somebodys, doing their activities with their iPod. My lunch walk today saw a bunch of them… I walk around the cubes in the office, and there are a bunch of them… At the store, there are a bunch of them… Riding my bike, there are a bunch of them… All lost in their musical innerspace.

While in some dark distant part of my “grey-matter” I wish I could have a music player the size of a postage stamp, I can’t figure out why those who do own them have to be listening to them all the time.

For not owning a Mac (or any Apple product), I am one of the biggest fans of Apple and Steve Jobs. I think the company is great, and I hope to scrape up enough pennies to buy a Mac Pro or a Mac Mini or an iMac, but the world has taken the iPod too far.

At the point when those obsessive-compulsive-iPod-junkies are deaf and realize they have no social skills, maybe only then something will change.

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  1. Did you get a replacement iPod? Didn’t yours have a crack in the screen? I am tempted to buy one on Apple’s refurbished store, but currently all my “bonus dollars” are being saved up for my game system. I highly recommend the refurbished store if you don’t need the bleeding edge iPod.

  2. I did get mine replaced. They have great warranties. The funny thing about Ipods is that they are considered a “throw away” device. The battery isn’t replaceable but if you buy the warranty they replace the device when the battery dies. 🙂

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