Removable Radios

Thanks to Gus, I had to learn how to remove the radio from Melody’s Freestar.

Last week when I went to NAPA to get a new motor for my Grand Am’s driver side window (another whole take-apart-the-car project), I caught Gus putting a quarter into the CD player of the Freestar. I was too late to stop him, and the quarter was pushed in too far to be able to pull it out with any tool.

A quick web search yesterday told me how to remove the stereo. So last night I removed the stereo and disassembled the head unit, and pulled out the quarter. After reinstalling the radio, we now have full functionality of our CD player again. Of course, to Melody’s agony, she will have to reprogram all her preset stations (sorry babe)!

I actually took pictures of this fun project, and I will post them tonight!

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  1. Shouldn’t your kids be in buckles?? j/k Ask Brady about that…Steph got a new radio for the same reason…but she didn’t know that was what it was until the new radio was bought and installed!

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