Lawnmower Deck

I tried to kill the lawnmower the other night… Again!

I hit some of the uprooted bricks from our sidewalk, and suddenly, CHANG! CHANG! CHANG! as the blade slammed and sliced into the decking of the lawnmower! And I just had that professionally fixed.

Rode the mower over to the driveway, put the brake on, and put it up on blocks (I always knew I would have a use for those five gallon pails). Sure enough, the blade was jammed into the deck, sliced right through the new welding points.

So, with my handy dandy hammer and a pry bar, I bent the decking off the blade, made sure the blade spun, and was back at cutting the lawn in about 30 minutes.

I really need to get that sidewalk fixed. Really.

Melody finished a huge chunk of the lawn with her brand new self propelled walk behind while I worked on the rider. I owe her big time!

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