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Well, that wraps up our weekend.

Nick, Chris, Cody and I made a “boys” trip to Great America. We rode Superman, Raging Bull, Batman, and Iron Wolf in the front row, plus trips on Deja Vu (It is a fake frog, I will prove it), Vertical Velocity, more Batman, Splashwater Falls, Roaring Rapids, and other miscellaneous activities (water cannons on Roaring Rapids were the best “cheap thrill” of the day)! And, I think my best lunch at Great America ever… a two piece chicken dinner at “Aunt Martha’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.” In the morning, I made fun of this restaurant, but it hit the spot at lunch.

On Sunday, Melody and I took Kase and Gus to Little A-Merrick-A in Marshall. You never realize how quickly our little boys get big until they want to ride the roller coasters BY THEMSELVES! We had a great time, and Kase (who was able to convince Gus to go on lots of rides) can’t wait to go back and do even more!

And, to fill in the time this weekend, we got rid of our last load of bricks from the second floor reconstruction, cemented in all 7 posts for our reconstructed fence, and made a trip to Fleet Farm for more supplies (I know, no Menards, but they are building one in Beaver Dam).

Next weekend I will be helping Melody’s cousin Angela hang drywall in her new (old) house. I got out of deconstruction this past weekend, but I promised I could help Labor Day weekend. That is OK, because I will need the practice for when we hang the drywall in our house.

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  1. Animatronics..shmanimatronics. I suppose the frog was eating an insectotronic with his rubber toungue, huh..

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