The Rule of Five

As you may have noticed in the map, before we get to the beach we have a stop at point ‘B.’ You may also notice that point ‘B’ is in the middle of Florida, in the Orlando area. Well, sort of.

When most people with children (and even many without children, like my brother) head to Florida, they go for the sole destination of getting to Disney. And I can’t argue with Disney. The parks are great. Even the worst one (my opinion), Animal Kingdom, is awesome, and will be getting even better when the Avatar addition is open in 2016. But the excitement of full day parks can still be too much for a family, and that is how we get to the Rule of Five.

In our house, the rule is we can’t step foot in a Disney park until every member of the family is 5. One of the biggest reason is because the parks are too much for little kids. At ages under 5 years old, the kids can’t absorb all of it, and they might not even enjoy it. Further, how much memory will they take home of the Disney experience, especially when you load it up with all of the Disney World parks (4 major parks, plus Downtown Disney, plus other Disney stuff). So, we have made it a rule we will not be going to Disney, at least, not until after September! However, while we are in the Orlando area for a few days, we may wander into and around the Downtown Disney to grab a meal and perhaps a little shopping.

But since we are not going to Disney parks, what else should we do? In the next post, I can start building on that idea.

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