We have a Destination

Well, now that you have seen the map, let’s fill in some of the details. We want to go back to Florida (who doesn’t), and we want to get to the water. However, we don’t want to do the ocean.

Our family has been fortunate enough to get to the ocean many times. But, Melody and I want to see the sunset over the water again, so to the Gulf we will go. The Gulf seems to be a difficult place to get a room using the timeshare, but we were able to find some time on a weekend. Check in Friday, check out Sunday. Yeah! And we are planning on Bradenton Beach.

Bradenton Beach is a small island community of about 1,500 residents. It is located on the Southern end of the Anna Maria island, which is located at the Southern entrance to Tampa Bay. The four miles of sugar sand beach is our main draw to the area. Our boys love the beach, more than swimming pools and amusement parks.

If you want to learn more about Bradenton Beach, you’re best bet may be their less-than-often updated website. If you find something better, let me know!

For my next post, I think I will add some action to the trip… stay tuned.

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