The Practicalities of Mother’s Day

I love Melody, for many reasons, but one is because she is so practical. For Mother’s Day this year, I offered to get her some unique jewelry that she would really adore, but she turned me down. She preferred to have a rain barrel and a new pitch fork.

So, the rain barrel was bought and gifted last weekend, and after just a little bit of work as a family, was installed last night. Of course, it hasn’t rained since then, but I am hopeful that the configuration will work correctly.

This theme stays consistent with Melody’s wish for practical Mother’s Days gifts, which started a couple of years ago with a compost bin. Both of these gifts are good for the environment, and sends a good message to our sons that it is important to walk the walk, not just talk the talk (like the know what that phrase means!)

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  1. Well I figure the “do as I say, not as I do” hasn’t worked so far!
    The thing is I will use those things all the time. They help things grow and they give back to us; just like motherhood.
    The jewelry would sit in a box, maybe used once a year and it doesn’t do anything but make you look pretty. It’s gonna take more than a necklace to help me with that. 😉

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