What Large Socks You Have

I was sorting and pairing socks the other day, and made it through that chaos. Because Rett’s, Gus’s, and Kase’s sock are near the same sizes, I usually let Melody deal with those discrepancies. I separate my socks and Melody’s socks from the boys, and that is what I had done here. But Melody was later sorting my socks from hers, and came across a pair that was Kase’s. She asked me what that was doing in our group, and I told her I thought they were mine!

I can’t believe how quickly Kase and all the boys are growing up.

In other growing up news, Kase and Gus both have deodorant for themselves. I don’t know the frequency that they use it (if at all), but they do have it and some days, they do need it.

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