There’s an App for that

This post is the first post I am doing with the App for WordPress on my iPad. From what I can tell, the App works pretty slick, much smoother than I expected.

I have downloaded a bunch of apps, and a bunch of games also. Some of them I like best are:
* Dropbox – let’s me get at my files that are on my PC
* Documents to go premiere – now I can edit files, and syncs to Dropbox
* AppStart – a useful tool to find even more apps
* Planets – a free Solar System app.
* Harbor Master – a fun game where you have to guide ships (does multiplayer)
* TowerMadness – save the sheep from the aliens, and split the screen for two players
* The Weather Channel – pops up notices for severe storms

I could go on and on, but hopefully the ones mentioned above are a look at some of the more non-obvious ones.

When you get your iPad, feel feee to send me a note and we can trade our app ideas.

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