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  • Discovery’s final launch today

    Posted on February 24th, 2011 troy 1 comment

    Space Shuttle Discovery is set to launch at 3:50 CST today on her last flight. Discovery is the shuttle that I saw launch live last year, so it has an extra special place with me.

    Today I am proudly wearing my mission polo from the launch last year. I save it for special occasions like today. After Discovery, there are only two more shuttle launches left. Endeavor is supposed to launch on April 19 and Atlantis is supposed to go up on June 28. Then the shuttle program will be done.

    If you are interested in listening to the launch (and all the good stuff leading up to it), try SonaFM: Mission Control. I haven’t tried this yet, but I plan to today. It is a live feed from NASA mission control and a “mix of ambient and experimental music mixed” in the background, to try and make the experience more fun. I look forward to it.

    You can stream video of the launch too. I usually head to Space.com for this. They have a feed from NASA TV, which I don’t have at work, and I don’t have at home either.


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    • Well Discovery made it home safe and sound. Next stop is the Smithsonian! We can stop and see it in Washington DC.

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