What is that rumbling?

Do you hear that rumbling coming from my basement? No? Well that is good. If you go in my basement, then you will definitely notice it. It is the sound of rocks being polished!

For Christmas, Gus got a rock tumbler, and for 5 days now, it has been churning away at making plain dull rocks into “jewelry quality gems.” We finished phase 1 last night, which used the course grit. Now we are into phase 2, which uses the fine grit. This phase lasts almost three weeks! After that finishes, phase 3 only lasts for a couple of days, and is the polishing part. Then we do whatever we do with our new gems (make jewelry, throw them at each other, or put them in a box and forget about them).

Gus was excited when he saw how much the stones had changed in the past few days. I am curious to know, once this whole process is over, if he will want to do it again?

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