The quest for the iPad g2

OK, so if you check my little counter, I am now at 38% of $500 saved for my iPad purchase. Yeah! I think I am making good progress. Of course, that is if there is even a 2nd generation iPad coming out.

In case you are not keeping track (and I don’t know how you couldn’t be?), here is the latest and greatest in the iPad rumor mill of new features I care about:

  • front facing camera (for FaceTime)
  • rear facing camera (for augmented reality)
  • sd card slot (for expandable memory)
  • ‘retina display’ (current screen is 1024×768, bump up to 2048×1536)
  • new apple a5 processor (More power! You’re darn right more power!)
  • $599 {ugh} bottom price (up from $499, messes up my savings for the device)
  • 128gb max internals (up from 64gb, but if it has sd card slot, then blah)

Many thanx to engadget for keeping track of the goodness for me!

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