Phone for Chris!

OK, is not all about Chris, but he and his travels have been dominant in our lives lately. Anyway, we got on Skype with him last night, and he is still being himself. Which is good, mostly.

We did find out that he now has a phone and it is fully functional. While on Skype, we tested his ability to make and receive calls, and all was good. Oddly enough, there seemed to be more of a lag using the phone than there is with Skype. At least, that is odd to me.

So, you will now see a phone icon and a Skype icon in the right pane of this website, in the Chris section. Click on them to send an email to me, and I in return will send you any necessary information. You can find him (and you can find the Tadych’s as well) in Skype yourself by doing the user search, but I would be happy to help you if I can. In hopes of protecting his phone number, that will require the email to me. I will give you a starter though: The Japanese country code is 81.

Oh, and here is a bonus: Sending mail/packages to Chris costs no more (and sometimes less) than normal domestic mail/packages. His address is more-or-less a Military Post Office box, so that is awesome. The first piece of mail (that I know of) was sent priority yesterday, which states 3-5 days. I will let you know how long it actually takes.

More to come later, and as soon as I find our camera, I will get some photos out here from Christmas too!

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  1. And by the way… I called Chris last night for 11 cents per minute using my Google Voice application (a free internet VOIP, just pay for international connection charges {otherwise free long distance in good old USA} ).

    What are your costs for calling Chris?

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