Chris in Japan

My brother-in-law Chris should have made it to his final stop in Japan about 6:27 AM Monday morning (central time). That is 9:27 PM Japan time, according to my conversions.

As part of his Air Force duties, Chris has been deployed to Japan for a 2 year assignment. He was able to get up to Wisconsin for the past week and a half to spend some time with us before he was deployed.

We are hoping to stay in touch via email and Skype whenever possible. Of course, an occasional phone call will come in place too when the time is right. How many weeks would it take to get a letter to him?

After Chris gets settled in, I am hoping we can get some kind of disfunctional schedule set up so we can contact him regularly. And once that happens, I will be able to share more details about what he is up to, and what it is like for him. – Here is a time conversion link for you. It also has a weather forecast built in. The link should take you directly to Okinawa, where Chris is stationed.

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  1. He made it! And he is doing good. I just got an email from him this morning…or last night…or yesterday…I am not sure how to explain that one!

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