My weekend: in poetry

Shoveling the snow,
Shopping with Scrip,
“Hey, work on the furnace,”
Now it is broken, you drip.

Call the service guy,
He just laughs at me,
“Fix it today, I don’t have that part?”
The other furnace will keep us comfy.

“Work on the other furnace,”
That should be easy,
a half hour later,
Humidity more pleasy.

Now all the family
will camp downstairs,
to cold on second,
We will frostbite our ears.

But St Nick still will come,
Sneak around the sleeping children,
“Advent LEGO, oh what a treat!”
Now parts are scattered throughout the den.

Pray at church,
The kids did sing well,
Get a Christmas tree,
How I love that smell.

Bring the tree in the house,
To laughter and cheers,
“Put it here, move it there!”
LED lighting to harsh, my dears.

Nighttime again,
Kids on the couch,
We settle down for shopping,
Until the internet, it belched.

Perhaps, then a movie,
Do we have any on disc?
No, get the scrip done,
Wake the kids we do not risk.

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