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Gus wanted a story tonight, instead of being read a book. So, I get to improvise. Sometimes my stories are pretty goofy, end to quick, and have no interest. Tonight, Gus was thrilled, and when the story completed, he told me he would tel me a story tomorrow night (I love stories from my boys), then laid down, covered up, and went to sleep. I figure such a great story had to be shared. So I present my story for you. I already have the drawings in my head, now I just need an artist, and have to get it published!

A little boy is getting ready for bed. He gives a kiss to his mom and dead, and hugs to his brothers and sisters. In his bedroom, he changes into his pajamas and climbs into bed.

Before he falls asleep, he is thinking of spaceships, planets, stars, and aliens. He drifts off to sleep.

He dreams of visiting planets, but in his dreams, he does not need a spaceship, or even a spacesuit. Because it is a dream, he can travel in space with nothing at all.

He visits 17,000 planets. But how does he do that when there are only 8 planets in the solar system? Well, he visits planets that are outside of the solar system. To get to them, it is like swimming in a big lake, but a lot easier. Each planet he hopes to find aliens, but there are none to be found. Maybe they are hiding, maybe they don’t exist. Maybe they will be found in the next dream.

While visiting the planets, he also visits 7,000 suns. Some are bright yellow like our own sun. Others are blue, some are white, some are huge, while others are small and red. Some of them are really hot, and others are not. He even visits some black stars that attract everything, just like a vacuum cleaner. But because he is dreaming, he does not have to worry about anything.

On his dreamy adventure, he also visits 160,000 comets and asteroids. They are so numerous, he can jump from one to the other like playing hopscotch on the playground. As he jumps from rocky asteroid to icy comet, he notices the darkness of space is becoming not so dark. His jumps continue, and the darkness fades away. Soon, the boy finds he can not even see the twinkling of the stars because the sky is getting so bright. Brighter and brighter it gets until…

The boy wakes up, and sunlight is streaming through his bedroom window. His exciting dream lasted all night. He happily jumps out of bed, sheds his pajamas, and gets dressed for the day. He runs to find his mom and dad, and gives them both a big kiss. He was very happy to be home again!

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