What does 52 mean?

OK, I was trolling around on Facebook. I do it about once a month. I don’t post anything, typically, I don’t leave comments, I don’t look for more ‘friends,’ I just window shop a little.

Anyway, I came across one of my ‘friends’ wall, and noticed that their birthday must have been recently. I personally don’t display my birthday, address, city, or anything, but that is a different topic. Anyway, this ‘friend’ had 52 birthday greetings. So, I became curious. How many real birthday greetings are equal to 52 Facebook birthday greetings?

My guess is that most people don’t actually care that there is a birthday for a ‘friend’ coming up, or that it is today. But, Facebook tells them to send a birthday greeting, so they do. A bunch of lemmings, in my opinion.

So, I think a Facebook birthday greeting is equal to only 1% of a real birthday greeting. And just for fun, I will assign these values to other birthday greetings:

  • Facebook = .01
  • Text Message = .5
  • email = 1
  • Phone Call = 2
  • Letter/card in mail arriving on birthday = 5
  • In Person = 6
  • In Person with a card = 10
  • Gift in the mail = 20
  • Gift in person = 30
  • Something baked = 50
  • Something home made (and usable) = 100

So, maybe the next time my birthday rolls around (the Holiest birthday I shall ever have), I will let you know how I scored. Of course, I just made these scores up, so I may have to weight them differently to make myself feel better!

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