Movies of the Weekend: Tangled and November Christmas

I got to see two movies this weekend. One in the theater, and one at home.

On Friday, the family went to the clinic for Flu shots. I know, what a bummer for a day off of school. But Melody and I think it is a good idea that the boys know their parents get the shots too, so we try to make a family event out of it. Rewards for flu shots (or any shots) is a trip to the theater. With that in mind, Mel and I decided that Megamind or Tangled would be the movie. The boys watched the previews, and chose Tangled 3-D.

First off, I have not been to any modern 3-D movies. And, thanks to the Geekdad web site, I was told Tangled was good, but not good for 3-D. So, I offered Kase and Gus $4.50 each to not do the 3-D (the cost of 3 of us going to 3-D was an extra $9, Mel stayed home with Rett). We got our sodas and snacks, and headed into the theater… and it was packed. Kase chose row three, all the way to the left. By ten minutes before the movie started, the ushers were looking for empty seats. In the movie, to my surprise, I found a mix of boys and girls, some in tow by just moms, but a variety of dads and other guys in the theater as well. And this retelling of Rapunzel was worth my hard earned money. The songs were fun, the story was quick, and the boys enjoyed it. There was one moment (the dam scene) where you could tell 3-D would have been in full effect, but that was it. I will recommend this movie to anyone, any age. A non-Pixar Disney classic in the making, and that is a great thing! As a bonus kick, I read this morning that Tangled is close to (and actually might) beat Harry Potter for top grossing movie of the weekend.

The other movie of the weekend was November Christmas. I saw advertisements on TV for this last week, and knew right away that I had to make sure to watch. This was a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on CBS. Melody and I have decided a good tear-jerker is a great way to spend an evening. And with the boys in bed, and the tissue box nearby, we settled in for the movie. And it lived up to our hype. One of the best parts of the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies is that almost all the commercials are tear-jerkers themselves. The commercial breaks are typically two long commercials that are for Hallmark cards, including Christmas memories, moving, hospital visits, etc, etc, each telling a story that you don’t want to miss. There were a couple of new commercials, but a bunch of ‘classics’ as well. I only remember one real commercial break, probably some where near the middle. The movie itself was great, although Melody clued me into the ending early on, and I think that is because she was paying more attention to the beginning (when the laptop was occupying some of my time). Towards the end of the movie, I declared that when the boys are old enough to stay up to ten o’clock, and when these movies are on, they might be made mandatory viewing. It is such a nice change from regular TV. However, it does remind me how glad I am that I don’t have cable or satellite TV, where the Hallmark Channel (and other similar ones) would ruin the excitement of these rare treats. After all, the next Hallmark Hall of Fame is due out January 30 (starring Betty White), so I have two months to store up some tears for that one. Finally, I will always recommend a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie for it’s good quality and story, and that is even if I haven’t seen it.

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