iPad 2nd Generation

Well, it is approximately 126 days until the second generation of the Apple iPad comes out, and I have about $10 saved up for the purchase. If I can manage to save $5 a day, then I can get it when it comes out. Yeah!

I think I will build a little counter so I can keep track of my progress on this website. Look for that soon, down near the “call me” experimental button.

Oh, and our house got it’s first web cam, so we are starting to play with Skype a bit. If you Skype, let me know, and I can test out my camera with you. We got the camera in anticipation of Mel’s brother Chris being shipped out to Japan before the end of the year. Supposedly, Chris will be out there for a 3 year mission. For now, we are just hoping he can get back to Wisconsin before he deports. He updated his facebook page with a photo of himself, and for those of you non-facebook types (and I can’t blame you for that), I put the photo here in my gallery also.

OK, Mel should be home from work soon, yeah, so I am going to go!

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