37 of the best from October

Pictures are back!

I just uploaded 37 photos from the month of October, and they should be available for you to view in all their glory. I know it has been a while since I have uploaded, but let me remind you that if you want any of these pictures in print quality, then please ask! the files loaded to the website are dramatically shrunken for a better on-line viewing experience, but not designed for printing.

Credit goes to Melody for most of these pictures. And to give you a taste, you can look forward to (among a few other things): fall football and leaves, a park during our weekend in Boulder Junction, pumpkin trains and carving, and Indiana Jones, a tiger, Captain Jack Sparrow, some crazy guy, and a pile of loot!

Without further ado, enjoy the new Gallery 3, and the photos.

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  1. looks like October wAS A lot of fun. Enjoyed the artistry of the jack-o lanterns and the great costumes
    love you all 🙂

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