MS150 Best Dam Bike Tour

I decided I am going to ride my bicycle a lot this summer. Why? So I can do my best in a two-day, 150 mile bicycle tour the first weeeknd of August.

I have joined Madison Gas and Electric’s team for the MS150 Best Dam Bike Tour (you can join too, just contact me for details). The first weekend of August, I (and several hundred (thousand?) others) will be bicycling a winding path from Waukesha to Madison. We will stay overnight at UW-Whitewater. That means the 150 miles will be broken down to two distances of 75 miles a day!

So, I am doing training. I have went on two longer bicycle rides on my moutain bike so far (I will be using my road racing bike for the ride). Both times, I had Kase and Gus in the trailer. Unfortunately, halfway through our second ride (and of course, furthest from home), my pedal broke off. So, I will get that fixed this week, and get back on the road. I will keep you updated on my training as the summer progresses.

Anyway, this is all being done to help those affected with MS, and that is where YOU come in. Will you help by sponsoring me in this year’s MS 150 Bike Tour? With your generous support, we can end the devastating effects of MS, sooner rather than later.

You can click on the new contribution progress bar on the right side (will stay there until August), or click on the following link:

MS150 Best Dam Bike Tour – Troy’s Personal Page

Thank you!

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