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  • First day of school… sort of

    Posted on September 1st, 2010 troy No comments

    Kase and Gus each get an hour in their classrooms today. Kase as a big second grader, and Gus looking for his first foray into the elementary school as a Kindergartner.

    They also get their school picture taken, drop off their school supplies, and get used to the school a little. It is just a brief preview.

    Tomorrow, September 2, they both have full days, and it will be Gus’s first full day EVER. He seems excited about it, not nervous, so that is great. He already knows his teacher, as it is the same one Kase had, so that helps a lot. Kase gets a brand new teacher this year, and he has met her in the hallway last week one day. I am sure it will be find. I think in his classroom the students have laptops. Melody isn’t too keen on the idea. We will see how it goes.

    I will give more updates on the first days of school over the next couple of days!

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