Serial In does not equal Serial Out

I had to send my Nintendo Wii in for repairs. It stopped coming on. I had been having problems for a couple of months, where it would freeze unexpectedly, sometimes just as I would push the power on button. I had thought about getting it fixed, I actually thought about backing up my game saves to a SD card, but all those thoughts got changed when the Wii stopped turning on AT ALL.

Now the options were buying a new Wii, or getting the old out-of-warranty one repaired. Buying new would get me a new 1 year warranty, probably a black console, an extra controller with Motion Plus, and Sports Resort, but set me back $200, plus full loss of all my save files. Getting it repaired, as I discovered, only set me back $85, got me a new 1 year warranty, and the possibility of keeping my game saves.

Repair was chosen, but I guess the problem was so bad that the components replaced were significant enough to merit a new serial number, and a full loss of data.

Kase and Gus are a little sad that all their hard work is gone. But I told them that it is better now, and since they are 4 years older than when the Wii first showed up in our house, that they can experience all the beginning of game fun for themselves. I don’t know if that sold them on it, so I told them I can help get them caught up.

All my spare time in the next four weeks will be playing Wii. Not.

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  1. 4 YEARS?! Seems like just yesterday you were raving about some fancy new Revolution thingy.

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