“Only 27 Minutes to go, Dad!”

That is what Gus told me tonight. He was just a bit excited.

He was excited for Kase, as Kase was excited too, about the tadpoles that have <i>finally</i> arrived. It seems like it has been forever since we ordered them, but they are finally here.

The tadpoles arrived in the mail today, but of course we did not have everything we needed to start. It is recommended that tadpoles live in Spring water. Our distilled water, mineral water, and tap water that we have on hand is not advised. So, after dinner tonight, while Melody was working, we hopped on our bikes (and in the bike trailer) and headed to the grocery store to get the water.

At the store, Gus dropped the gallon of water, which immediately broke (luckily, only plastic). “Clean-up in the soft drink aisle.” But with a new bottle in tow, and dad carrying it, we were headed back home.

It takes 30 minutes from the time the water is put into the tank, and the little tadpole shipping bottles float in the water until we can open them. That is where the “27 Minutes to go” call comes from. And I have heard a call for every minute either form Kase or Gus. We are at 2 minutes now, so I better go! I will update you later with how we did.

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