Spacex Falcon 9 today (update: liftoff!)

Today is the day for the inaugural flight of the Space Exploration Technology Corporation (SpaceX) Falcon 9 rocket. This rocket is the future of commercial flights, and is destined to play a key part in human’s exploration of space.

You can watch the lift off live from the SpaceX web site. The launch window is 10am to 2pm today, with live streaming starting at 9:40am (all times central). If weather creates a no-go for today, the same launch window exists for tomorrow, June 5.

I will be tuned in, you can count on that. I plan that my next update will be a cheer for a successful flight.

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  1. SpaceX was a star today, and they went WAY ABOVE the standard. They had a pad abort at t-minus 3 seconds right around 12:30pm (half-way through the launch window), and then RESET the whole system, and had a successful launch around 1:45pm.

    I am sure the Engineers knew what they were doing, but to have a 3 second abort, and then turn around and launch an hour later, on an Inaugural flight… Wow and WOW!

    As Mark stated, “Go SpaceX!”

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