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Anybody out there into dream analysis? Here is my dream from last night.

I was working in a lab. Doing some kind of science/school experiment. It definitely felt like a school setting. The strange thing is that the lab is protected by a passcode, and you need to know the code to get in the lab. I am in the lab with at least one other guy, we weren’t working together, but we were both working on stuff. Somebody, a kid, starts banging on the door to let him in. A kid meaning like a 15 year old or so. I think he had a bike helmet on. I and the other guy in the lab keep indicating to him that he needs to put in the passcode. But he doesn’t know it, so we don’t let him in.

A little later I leave the lab, making sure the door closes behind me, so that the kid can not sneak in. I tried to push the door shut, but it wouldn’t budge. It just had to move along at its own slow pace of whatever hydraulics are closing the door. While I was waiting, I did notice the kid was still hanging around, like across the street. He wasn’t too happy. There was a big sign near the door, on the outside of the building, that stated “1212.” It didn’t say what that meant, but I knew it to be the code to get into the building. So the kid that wanted to get in wasn’t very bright it seems.

I don’t walk home. Instead I get in something that is like a front facing baby seat for a car. I sit down, and off I go, down the empty streets. I notice the kid who wanted to get in the lab was on his bicycle, but he wasn’t bothering me. I passed a couple of people in shorts and t-shirts (they may have been guys, with no shirts), doing tricks on their bicycles. That is when I realized I was in Florida. And, I notice it is 8:30 pm, even though it is bright and sunny. Well, that means it is 7:30 in Wisconsin, so I decided to call Melody and check up while I am heading home. She asked me how the kids were, and I said good, they should be waiting for me at “home,” which I am guessing is some kind of an apartment. It all seems normal. I finish my conversation with her, and keep heading home, noticing still that there are no cars on the road, but there are people standing on the side of the road.

As I head home further, I realize there must be a parade or something about to happen. That explains all the people. I get to an area where there is an elevated deck on the right side of the road, kind of like a patio at a bar, but right next to the road. From this deck, a guy reaches down and purposefully puts an open, black umbrella in my path. My first thought was to go around it, but I realize I can’t at the speed I am traveling and its close proximity. So, I tried to grab it, but that didn’t work out and I wipe out. I flew into the air, my seat drifted off in front of me, and I landed on my butt, still in the road, but OK. I realize I am close to the driveway to my apartment/house, and…

I wake up. My alarm is about to go off in one minute. Off to the shower I head.

For some reason, this dream is still very vivid in my head, so I am sharing with you. Anybody feel like picking this mess apart?

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