And it’s all about me

This post has many thank you’s before I can put out the post.

  1. Thank you to my dad, for taking the pictures.
  2. Thank you to my brother-in-law Chris B for doing the early scans
  3. Thank you to my sister for getting me the photos.

OK, now that that is out of the way, let’s roll back the clock to 1976. Via old 35mm slides and a computer gizmo to get them digitized, I am now going to share some awesome pictures of me as a baby. And you may see some others in the photos that you may or may not recognize too.

So, let’s see that cute baby! (rolled into next link)

And, a couple of complaints about the function of this Foto Fun in the last 24 hours has had me change the links on previous posts. As the new days pictures are posted, then yesterdays photos get rolled into the whole month of fotos. You may have to dig a a little to find them, but they are all in February Foto order. Get it? OK, then check out the previous fotos too.

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