Did you get ‘Lost’ last night?

The final season, Season 6, of Lost premiered last night on ABC. It started with a 1 hour, full series recap, followed by two hours of new show goodness.

Melody and I enjoyed watching it in HD for the first time, at least when the channel was not breaking up. I made some changes to the TV connections after the show completed so that hopefully we will not have this problem next week. We can at least hope for the best. If it doesn’t work, I will try some antenna “trickery” over the next few weeks.

In related TV news, we still can’t get FOX over the air. The saddest part (well, close to sad, anyway) about this is that I didn’t see any of the Packers games, but the good news is I don’t have to put up with American Idol. And for Idol, only the current season plus one more season left (my prediction). If you like the show, enjoy it while you still can.

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